Nothing in the Middle  

Aleksandra Loska experiments not only
with the photographic medium, but also

with the full complexity of the process of

human perception. Nothing in the Middle

does not tell a story, arrange events into a

narrative, or create a metaphor for reality.

Rather, the essence of each image is

determined by both its form-built from

surfaces, light, and a scale of colours

restricted to shades of grey-and the actual

scenographic model, constructed out of

cardboard, glass, and paper.The works of

young contemporary Polish photographers

rarely focus on abstraction and formal

experiments.  By building an abstract,

analogue space, Aleksandra Loska

intelligently undermines the primacy of the

virtual world, and its digital tools and

effects. One is tempted to say that the

cycle Nothing in the Middle cleverly leads

the viewer by the nose, while also offering

beautiful form, where echoes of

modernism, minimalism, and

contemporary architecture resound.

Curator: Marika Zamojska